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Nurture Aqua Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Feed Ingredients

Calcium Salt of Long Chain Fatty Acid

Our calcium salt of long chain fatty acid (ACT FAT 84) is made from freshly produced palm oil fatty acids and naturally mined calcium sources. It is an excellent concentrated energy feed supplement for dairy ruminants such as cows and goats offering high level of inertness and intestinal digestibility. Consumption of ACT FAT 84 improves overall performances of dairy animals in terms of milk production and the maintenance of energy balances.

Generally calculated to optimize total fat in feed at 6% but may be fed at higher percentages under the professional recommendation of the nutritionist. Typically feed up to 500gm per cow per day.

Rice Gluten Ddgs/rice Protein
Dried Distilled Grains & Soluble (DDGS) This is Rice based Protein Source for Animal feed usage and an optimum partial replacer for SBM/CG (5% to 10%). Can be a good Protein source in Aqua, Poultry, Dairy Feeds. It is 100% malenine and GMO free and urea free.

Conclusion: In the opinion of the undersigned the sample referred above is of Standard Quality and the sample complies per IH analytical specification. Hence on the basis of aforesaid data the above mentioned product is of standard quality and is released.

ACT FAT 99 (Feed supplement and additive)
Act Fat 99 is made from freshly produced palm oil fractions for use as an energy source for use as an energy source for both ruminants and monogastric animals. The product contains high content of C16:0 Palmitic fatty acid which is known to increase milk fat content when fed to high yielding dairy ruminants.

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